hot topic: domestic abuse

With the latest NFL scandals with Ray Rice and others, domestic abuse is thankfully more front & center in the mainstream discussion.  I have yet to meet a person that thinks from a deeply heartfelt conviction that domestic abuse is a good thing – duh.  Domestic abuse is bad, full stop;  it shouldn’t happen and we shouldn’t allow it, end of story.

Here are some interesting questions from Bible people in relation to domestic abuse:

  • Jacob and Leah:  there is nothing overtly abusive that can be observed in this marriage, but there was certainly emotional trauma, neglect and preferential treatment.  While Leah didn’t leave Jacob, she nestled into her relationship with God, as is evidenced by the names she gave her first four sons (Reuben – I’m seen / noticed, Simeon – I’m heard;  Levi – attached;  Judah – praise)
  • Hosea:  this is an interesting perspective because it’s from the man’s viewpoint.  Hosea married a prostitute, Gomer, who was extremely unfaithful to Hosea and yet because of God’s help, Hosea remained faithful to Gomer and ultimately the marriage became a more healthy relationship for both participants
  • Abraham and Sarah: Abraham told Sarah twice to pretend that she wasn’t his wife, so as to protect himself from possibly injury.  Was this domestic abuse?  Interesting question – maybe it was domestic neglect?
  • Samartian woman at the well in John 4:  Jesus called out this really cool lady, exposing the litany of marriage failures in her life (5 broken marriages).  Was there domestic abuse in her life?  We don’t know any of the details of this woman’s broken relationships, but we do know that after her conversation with Jesus, she was a different person and she brought her transformation to her city, who also became transformed by connecting with Jesus

Moral of the story:  don’t accept domestic abuse and Jesus heals all things, including the damages from domestic abuse!

3 thoughts on “hot topic: domestic abuse

  1. Great topic… I think you just really only scraped the surface on each of those issues. For example – the sermons always said Leah with the weak eyes yah right,…. mmmmmhhhh my ex- wife always was very jealous of the doe-eyed girls that there mild manner was only a diversion and look who Jacob was having the most children with and we all know what that’s about.. not just holding hands hahaha. Makes for much better sermonettes. Smiles

  2. Domestic abuse is awful and should not be, but it happens. Instead of always targeting the victims negatively who have are committed the act, why not come up solutions as to how to help them.who knows where it stems from. Why take a man’s job or work as a punishment? Should there be consequence for his action “yes” but lovingly. That’s what Jesus did us. With no job and this constantly over his head, what happens to him. Where is that “in spite of” love. He without fault cast the first stone.

  3. I believe child abuse is the greatest tragedy in the world…women can leave an abuser–children cannot. Pets and dependent seniors are in the same situation. What are some ideas we can do about it? I think helping family media non-profits are one–to oppose media violence. What do you think?

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