Sarah Bowling is on a mission to make an eternal difference in today’s world. She is the founder of Saving Moses, a global missions organization dedicated to reducing infant mortality around the world by supporting orphanages, malnutrition clinics in Africa, and developing night care centers in Asia, giving children and infants the chance to live and flourish by assisting with physical, medical, food and water needs.

As a Bible teacher, international speaker, author, and pastor, Sarah’s love for the Bible was birthed at an early age by her parents, Wallace and Marilyn Hickey. Her mother has been teaching the Bible on television for more than 30 years; together they co-host a daily television program which reaches a potential audience of 2.2 billion households worldwide.

Sarah and her husband Reece have three children, and are Senior Pastors of Orchard Road Christian Center in Denver, Colorado. Sarah has taught, traveled, and ministered in over 40 countries at Bible Encounters, International Healing Meetings, Women’s Conferences, Ministry Tours, and Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conferences.

She holds the following degrees:
Bachelor of Arts in German from Oral Roberts University, and Master of Arts in Modern History from the University of Missouri.

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22 thoughts on “About

  1. I pretty much think your kids are growing up too quickly as well and I also think you NEED to keep writting books because you’ve got a lot to say and you have open hears that need your wisdom!!

    • Hello Sarah!

      I heard you mention today your efforts to provide clean water to children in Ethiopia. Immediately I thought of my brother, who is an Environmental Engineer and is heavily involved with Enigineers without borders. Over the years he has travelled to Thailand, and South America to build dorms for rural schools, bridges, and clean potable water. I know that they would want to help if there is a way. My brother is Phillip Thompson and he chairs his department at Seattle University. If you think he may be able to open a window or door for your efforts, please contact him at thompson@seattleu.edu, and please let him know that I referred you.

      Peace -Joanne Skidmore

      • thanks so much for the info! that’s really cool for you to help us with his info! 🙂

  2. Sarah, you asked in your blog what we like about church. I like connecting with people, and especially dynamic worship and teaching.Well, really, everything. Being with God’s people feels so good every time.

  3. Hello Sarah., I see you haven’t been here in a while., But I was looking for your testimony as my daughter (now 14) who was raised to know The Lord, is having questions now about God (brought on by peers mainly)
    Last night she asked me “How do we know God isn’t just trolling us” and “where did He come from” and maybe people that say they have visted Heaven are having lucid dreams”.
    She is struggling and I don’t know what to say to all her questions and the stuff she is coming up with.
    You have a very common sense and honest upfront way of talking to kids.,
    As I recall, you had questions when you were younger (even tho your parents serve God)
    Any books I could go to? Do you have any? Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Sarah

    I often watch your programme on TBN and I must take this time to say that I admire the work you do greatly. Your compassion for children is truly amazing and I know that only a person who KNOWS GOD can do this.

    It breaks my heart to see children in these conditions and I wish I could do what you do. My daily prayer is for God to use us all, irrespective of who we are, where we are or what our status in life is.

    I live in South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Durban, Newlands West (no we are not on the map) but Gods hand moves upon us as much as upon those great people.

    We contribute clothes, food and cash whenever we can to organisations that reach out to destitute people. I believe that we are blessed when we give out of our own need and if we cannot reach out to people on that great scale like you do, then we can at least give to people that can distribute and touch some needy family.

    I hope one day, at least once in my life, I can do what you are doing and God willing even meet you one day!

    May God use you even more because there is much more than what we are currently experiencing.


    Lots of Love

    Shereen Dehaloo

  5. Merry Christmas to you, your mom, and family. May The Lord continue to bless you abundantly in every area of your life. Thank you for being so transparent with your daily walk with Jesus, and sharing your faith journey with us on this blog. It truly blesses me that you would have my blog listed on your Blogroll. Thank you – I’m grateful.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I recently read about your moms testimony of infertility and how God healed her; very encouraging. I was wondering if you had any struggles with conception and carrying children? My husband and I have one child and we desire more. We have been praying for 7 years now and we believe but I’m also praying that my children will not have infertility issues as I have. Please share….

    • Dear Evening Grace,
      Glad to hear that you were encouraged from mom’s testimony. Thankfully, we never had any struggles with having children, but prayerfully, God is helping you and has more wonderful children for you in the perfect timing!

  7. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and
    checking back frequently!

  8. Sarah, you are so cute, real and honest. I love you from a far, well ohio. anyway, your turkey will be excellent, moist, scrumpus . you know my mom was the best old fashioned cook ever, not fancy mind you, but good food. she also made homemade pies to die for. i spent a life time wanting to cook like my mom, and you know what, I just cant. so i finally decided that that was ok, mom was mom, and i was me and i never would be mom. I decided to allow the best cook title stay on her head, and now I feel so okay about it. i can even get store bought pies and not feel guilty. sarah you are thee best cook ever, I jsu know it. so you and your precious family have a wonderful ThanksgivIng. love and prayers.susan

  9. ty so much for taking time to encourage with ways to overcome fear Monday …I have told all my friends that u responded bk bc normally there are few ministries that would take that time I think ur responds to answser brought just has much encouragement as the answer ,,, I have been a partner with Marilyn Hickey Ministries for yrs and ya’ll have blessed me and my family very much I pray u are overly blessed 🙂

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