8 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Thank you Sarah for your thoughtful words and works of love given in inspiration for God’s people. You are beautiful and blessed!
    Please pray that Jehova God reconcile my mother’s spirit (Emily) back to Him before she passes; she denies the Christ today and is a New Ager.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I really loved the show on the Book of Proverbs (focus on Steven Scott’s Book – The richest man who ever lived). I especially loved that you mum used to require you to memorize a chapter in Proverbs for every 30 minutes spent watching TV! I also love that you began reading a chapter in Proverbs each day and I am learning to practice the same. However, the hardest part is practicing what you read – being a doer. Thanks for the good work. This helps especially for newly weds.

  3. Hi Sarah. I wanted to follow-up with the verse you shared with me this past Wednesday, but first of all I wanted to say that your ministry of sharing verses in combination with the movie “War Room” have inspired me to seek God for verses to pray over and share with my kids. You gave me Nahum 1:9 about my job. That was interesting to me, because just this week I interviewed to return to a company that I left just over two years ago. So, I’m wanting to be observant of how the Lord brings His word to pass in my life.
    I just know that God’s word is so powerful. I’m so glad that you continue to wield the sword of the Word of the Lord and help others to do the same.
    Blessings, for you are anointed of God.
    (Your mother gave me Colossians 1:9 last month, about the wisdom that the Spirit gives us. She is full of God’s grace and I so admire her.)

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