With some maternal encouragement (always the sports enthusiast that I am), my daughter decided to play soccer this Spring for the 1st time & she has really come to enjoy the experience.  While her first game was absolutely traumatic, it’s been an awesome learning curve for both of us.  Possibly her greatest take-away so far (we might be in the playoffs), is to not quit.  There’s lots to say about that, but that’s her story 🙂

For me, probably the greatest take-away is to stay positive.  My sideline role is to cheer, be encouraging, stay positive & upbeat, even when it seems discouraging.  Another take-away that I TOTALLY love is that while I’m limited to a sideline role of cheering, the Holy Spirit in our lives doesn’t have to stay on the sidelines, but can have an active & integrated role in helping us with our daily living.  Of course the Holy Spirit cheers for us, but let’s know that there’s lots more that the Holy Spirit can do in our lives, particularly when we let down our preconceptions, guards and boundaries 🙂

Back Stage Pass

There’s something really cool about the term “back stage pass”. To me, it has this idea of exclusivity, seeing how things work, who the performers are when there’s no audience around & even kind of an intimate feeling. I’ve never had a back stage pass to a concert but it sounds kind of cool.
I’ve been thinking about this idea of a back stage pass & it seems to me that God would like “back stage” access to our lives – not just the public personae that we try to project. But more like the notion that God could have exclusive access to:
*the less obvious mechanics of our lives,
*any secret thoughts or struggles we may have
*the weak spots we may try to disguise in various ways
Let’s give God back stage access to all of our lives 😀