Lifestyle Learning

One of the things I greatly admire about my mom is that she is continually learning & her learning isn’t limited to just small pockets of interest. She’s recently started using emojis in her text messages & she’s more than excited about using periscope in her latest social media adventure. 
Learning is a BLAST, particularly when you have a good teacher – my first major at college was physics because my high school physics teacher was so amazing! Having a good teacher is half the battle in getting to enjoy learning & Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would be our teacher. Truth be known, there’s no one in our lives who can teach us better than the Helper. 

The other half of learning is the determination to be a good learner. You can have the best teacher on the world & learn virtually nothing if you decide not to learn or grow, full stop. 

So let’s decide to be awesome learners! Here are a few suggestions about how to be a good learner:

  • Be flexible – decide to learn regardless of the “classroom” or the lesson 🙂
  • Don’t let shame or discouragement color your learning
  • Buy my book, Heavenly Help, and learn about the Holy Spirit, your Teacher, Comforter & Helper 🙂


Don’t Freak Out!!

“LET GO!!!!!”  When I was younger, I went paragliding in China & had virtually no instruction for the paragliding adventure.  Whatever training the paragliding “company” did was in Mandarin & my Mandarin skills don’t have any paragliding vocabulary.  Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for this undertaking, which of course didn’t stop me – smile.  I strapped into the harness thing, proceeded to jump off the mountain and I had this TOTALLY SHOCKING experience, which I later learned was a thermal.  I caught a wind gust that was like rocket thrusting me straight up!  My mind said, “LET GO!!” and then I thought about my options: let go & fall or hold on & keep going up.  I decided that I preferred the lifting experience over the falling experience, so I held on.  Let’s make the same kind of decision about Jesus when we get in a crisis.  Hold on to Jesus & He will lift us up!

ps – I had an amazing ride with my paragliding experience 🙂

Each day has new adventures

Thank you heaps for reading this blog today! I’m in Cambodia w Saving Moses & we are in our first day here, already seeing incredible things happening! I was just able to visit a possible 2nd location for our nightcare work here & to say I’m excited might be te understatement of the century! ,)
Seriously, I’m so excited about getting to open a 2nd nightcare facility here & I feel God’s hand on us to give us direction & wisdom – what an amazing experience!! Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement & support, helping us to express genuine love to babies everyday where the need is most urgent & the care is least available. I’m attaching a pix of a baby that we might get to care for at our second facility. His name is Sopi & he’s 7months old. A beautiful baby, full of life, hope & possibly a bright future.
Saving Moses = saving babies everyday!


a word of caution

Generally, I don’t consider myself to be overly cautious.  I like to race my grocery cart in the parking lots, I like to snowboard super fast, I like to travel to remote places, and I like to take on challenges, usually.  But here’s something to be careful about, that’s been rolling around in my mind of late:

Be careful that you don’t limit God based on your understanding

I know that God has given us a brain & that we’re supposed to use it to bring maximum glory to God.  I know that many of us have amazing talents and abilities with our brainpower, analysis skills and learning abilities.  There can be, however, a down side to relying solely on our brains for interacting with God.  I believe that our brains are designed to function and excel in a finite and concrete world.  When we try to use our brains to understand God, I think this is when we can get fuzzy and murky.  Of course we must use our brains as much as possible, but connecting with God can’t be limited solely to our brains.  It’s been my experience that most of the deepest connections I have with God go beyond my brain & begin to explore the regions of the heart.  To me, that’s the greatest adventure of my life 🙂

Want an adventure???

I love adventures!! I’m adventurous w my food, with trying new things, going to new places & in lots of different ways. But I’ve also noticed some areas where I’m not adventurous & it seems to me that it is these exact areas where God is beckoning me to follow His lead more fully. Of course, I’m not very comfortable in these areas but I think that my discomfort is part of God’s plan, so I rely on Him more fully. Indeed, it has been my experience that when I grow in my reliance on God, this is one of the ways that the Trinity increases my closeness with them. So the greatest adventure that we can ever experience is to walk closer & closer w God 😀
Let’s Go!!


Opportunities to be thankful

I’ve been in Albania now for about 4 days & I’m simply amazed at how wonderful this country is – truth be known, I’ve wanted to come to Albania for more than 20 yrs. Now that I’m here, I’m finding myself becoming more & more connected w the Albanian people. They are very strong in their hearts & relationships. They’re rich on love & community – simply amazing!
We’ve made some fantastic connections w wonderful opportunities for saving Moses. Like Moses, many babies have been abandoned & like Moses they have tremendous potential but just need some help to have a better future than present day.
We’ve seen God do some completely miraculous things that take your breath away – a 10 year old boy whose hearing was compromised was totally healed after his mom prayed for him. We’ve also been able to provide essential humanitarian support for some very impoverished Muslim communities – such warm & gracious people!!
Thanks so much for praying, your encouragment & support. We live to be part of Jesus’ love revolution!


I’ve never been too afraid of adventures – my normal way of living goes as follows:  if i’ve never done something before, let’s give it a try & see what happens!  Because of this strategy, i’ve tried my hand at making bread, generally learned to bake a chix (yes, I’ve made progress from my last blog),  paragliding in China, picked up snowboarding in my late 30s, learned some basic NT Greek, honed my crossing guard skills, spoken in more than 30 different countries & I even enjoy eating durian (google for more info), among many other things. 

Some of these things may sound pretty cool to you, but let me tell you the mistakes that went with these adventures:

  • burned countless bread attempts
  • more than 10 yrs of baked chix attempts,
  • dislocated my shoulder while paragliding,
  • got a concussion through my helmet while learning to snowboard
  • Greek – lets just say i’m still learning
  • i didn’t tell you about the parents who have almost hit me while doing traffic, despite wearing my bright orange safety vest  😉
  • learning to speak w a translator has had more than a few comical & embarassing moments
  • durian – that’s altogether its own topic

Here’s my point:  take some risks, make mistakes, learn & grow.  Life can be full of “whoops”, but they usually precede some really cool things if you just stick w it!!! 



Today, we’re taking Benji to get his passport renewed.  As a kid, they only last 5 yrs before expiring & he’s about due for his new one.  His old one has a pic of him when he was about 4months old – extremely cute & almost all of the pages are filled w stamps from various countries.  I looked at the passport yesterday & was extremely amazed that this little guy, who is not even 5, has been around the world – AMAZING!! 

Anyways, the passport renewal / application process for kids is pretty extensive because there have been instances of divorced parents “stealing” their kids & moving them overseas.  All that is to say that both Reece & I get to go to the postoffice with Benji & all of the documentation & a check for $70 to renew his passport.  It will probably take about 2months to get his new one.  We do lots of interesting things for our kids & this starts the minute you find out your pregnant (including giving up coffee).  I wonder what other interesting things we’ll be doing for and with them as they grow up. 


As I’m writing, my kids are getting ready for their swim lessons today:  swim suits, goggles, flip flops, towels, sun screen etc.  Reece always says, “proper prior planning prevents poor performance.”  This is extremely true for swim lessons.  When I don’t prepare well, they get sunburns, have stingy eyes and ride home grumpy – an all around bad experience that could have been good, if I had prepared better. 

This is a great lesson in life – preparing for what’s ahead.  Now my kids don’t always know what’s going to be happening & its my responsibility as their mom to do my best to make sure they’re ready for what’s around the bend.  They need to be adept at various skills before they can move onto to the next challenge (even if they don’t know what the challenge is).  Same with God.  I think He’s always preparing us for what’s next.  Thankfully, we can trust Him even more than ourselves, that He will keep us prepared for what’s coming – even swim lessons.  😉