spread your wings

“Are you telling me that at 28 years old, you never want to get better than you are today?”  One time I had a coaching opportunity for a friend who was doing some preaching.  I made them practice all of their sermon in front of me in the room where they would be giving the sermon.  This person felt kind of silly going through their entire sermon in front of just one person, in a big empty room.  Nevertheless, this was a really good exercise and opportunity to practice & grow, even though they felt awkward.

So here’s my encouragement:  try new things, regardless of your agility.  Ultimately, when I try new things, I get to lean into the Holy Spirit for help & that’s the best thing I could ever do in my life on a consistent basis!  🙂

Another Bail Out :)

We all have busy lives & I genuinely want to do a good job being a mom, wife, encourager & human. So this afternoon, I accidentally double booked myself, again. I hate it when I do this, but when I got in the middle of this potential train wreck, the Holy Spirit came through, again to bail me out. The conflicting appointments got sorted out with a minimum of consternation & no injuries 🙂
The Holy Spirit reminds me yet again, that I earnestly need His help, maybe the most when I’m totally clueless. He swoops into my life & “saves the day” yet again 😀