an outlier father

Watch this a short & really amazing video of a  legendary father

After you watch this, consider that he’s most likely the ONLY single dad that our malnutrition workers have ever met in Angola in more than 15 years of work there.  Moses is totally amazing!!!!




During this Christmas season, I’ve been really thinking about Jesus being a newborn & it’s totally rocking my world.  I’ve been thinking about Mary having labor in a room where the sheep, goats, cattle, etc were kept.  I’ve been thinking about what it was like for her to go through labor for her first time, not at home and maybe not in a very comfortable place.  I’ve been thinking about Jesus being a newborn – what a TOTALLY CRAZY thought.  The Son of God, present at the creation of the world, prophesied to Adam & Eve, the Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father (Is 9:6) and eagerly anticipated for thousands of years being a newborn baby.

Having had three newborn babies (I have three kids) and getting to work first hand with babies with Saving Moses, I’m blown away to think about the second person of the Trinity being a newborn baby – it takes my breath away to think of Jesus as a newborn 🙂


Tiny Tresaures w Uncertain Futures

I’m almost speechless from my experiences here in Albania – almost 🙂
Yesterday, we had the privilege of visiting a maternity hospital where they care for abandoned babies. What an absolutely incredible time. In Albania, if a woman becomes pregnant out of wedlock, it’s considered VERY shameful & consequently, the moms are embarassed, try to hide the pregnancy & often neglect their health while carrying the baby. As such, the hospital we visited is trained to care for newborns in distress as well as for ailing mothers. Some of the unwed mothers abandon their newborns in the hospital and the staff and nurses are left to care for these tiny treasures whose futures are very uncertain. I was deeply moved by my experiences yesterday & I get to return to this hospital this morn. Check out the pic we took yesterday: