Getting Better!

There are lots of areas in my life that I’m trying to improve: fitness, cooking, relationships, ministry, leadership & more. If I’m not careful, all of this could be overwhelming. But this is something my dad would always say, “inch by inch, it’s a cinch but yard by yard it’s hard.”
So I’m making incremental changes & starting to see some improvements. I can tell that my health is getting better, my cooking has fewer burning torches, some relationships have been more stable & there are some other good things that are going on. So let’s keep our focus on God, remain thankful & keep growing inch by inch 🙂

Spring cleaning in February

In Prov 4:23, we are strongly advised to guard our hearts because the well spring of life comes from our heart. A corrupt heart can create a corrupt life. The same with bitterness, selfishness and lots more.
On the flip side, Jesus tells us in Matt 5:8 that the pure in heart will see God. So the current challenge on which I feel God dealing with me is the state of my heart. I need to clean out some junk & clutter from my heart that are having an adverse affect on my relationship with God. If my walk with God is my life’s goal, then I can’t afford to let my heart get corroded. 🙂