shiny clean

It seems to me that most of us like things clean & shiny more than we like the work & effort that goes into making something shiny & clean.  Yesterday, my kids & I cleaned out some of our garage.  Needless to say, I found lots of undesirable junk (half eaten otter pops, sticks that were used as swords, an ancient waffle iron, wood planks, etc).  After lots of sweeping, washing, moving, organizing, etc, part of our garage is not longer a hazardous waste dump 🙂

Sometimes, I think we need to do the deep cleaning work in our thinking, values, time usage & relationships.  Life gets filled with clutter over the course of time & it’s tremendously helpful to declutter our lives from time to time so that we manage our time, money & energies to reinforce our central & timeless priorities – shiny clean 🙂

cut the clutter

When I was growing up, my dad would collect antique furniture & the term “collect” was an understatement.  When I would take out the trash to the garage, it was a risky expedition.  I’d be super careful not to touch or brush up against anything for fear of an antique avalanche under which I would be buried.  I remember telling my mom one time that if I didn’t come back from the garage in 15min, to bring a chainsaw & come looking for me.  Needless to say, I survived.  My aunt’s refrigerator was a similar collection, but more lethal ,)

Sometimes I think our lives are like that with God – so full of clutter, that He almost gets buried amidst: work pressures, kids’ activities, house responsiblities, Christmas preparations, etc.  From time to time, its an essential exercise that we de-clutter our lives.  To do this, it helps to look at the priorities that God has put in our lives:  love Him, love people, love our selves, stay true to His purposes in our lives.  From these priorities, we can then simplify & de-clutter our time, bedside reading pile, clothing needs, significance activities, re-structure our relationship priorities, etc.  Avoid the avalanche & cut the clutter 🙂