Different Ways

I’m learning some cool things with God lately & right up front please know that I’m all about knowing God & having an increasingly deeper & deeper relationship with God. With these things in mind, I’m really dialed into prayer & being with God as well as working on different ways & modes of being with God. So this morning I had some nice prayer time with God – good stillness & connecting. But for me it can be tricky to keep that “level” of fellowship in the contexts of the many demands that I have on any given day. So I was talking with God about this challenge & i felt God speak to me that our fellowship doesn’t have to decrease throughout the various activities of the day – it just changes. The morning stillness gets to be adjusted to a more conversational context – chatting about what’s happening & even maintaining a continuous stream of dialogue. Don’t let your relationship with God get boxed into suffocating expectations. God has lots of ways, methods & strategies for connecting with us & we get to say whole heartedly, “YES!!!!”

full bars

I hate it when I’m driving through an area, talking on the phone & then I hit a dead spot where there’s no phone coverage & I drop the person with whom I was talking – HATE THAT!!!  But I’m getting trained to anticipate where those dead zones are & if I’m being alert, I’ll forewarn the person on the phone that I’m coming into a dead zone & I may accidentally drop them, but I’ll call back when I’ve got more “bars”

Sometimes, I think we’re like this with God – we feel like we have full bars with God during a really wonderful prayer time or during some fantastic worship or with a great Bible verse.  And then as we go through the day, life happens and it seems like maybe we “drop” God or hit a prolonged “dead zone”.  Here’s something to consider – in the Bible, it says that God never leaves us.  If we understand this well, we appreciate that God is with us no matter how we “feel.”  So just because we may not feel God in the same way as in a prayer or worship time, that doesn’t mean that God’s not there.  Rather, let me propose that God is just as present when we feel God as when we don’t feel God.  Perhaps its more of an issue of our awareness and recognition.  Furthermore, maybe God wants us to experience Him in lots of different contexts – just something to consider on this happy Tuesday 🙂