overcoming fear

A very nice friend asked me today about overcoming fear & I felt encouraged that I should write about this today ūüôā

In relation to fear, there are lots of things that could trouble us:  fear of failure, fear of getting hurt, fear of something from the past, fear of falling down, fear of the future, fear of relationships, . . . . . .   The Greeks used the term phobia and attached all kinds of things to this word (agrophobia, necrophobia & my personal favorite, snake-o-phobia).

So here are some strategies that could be helpful to overcoming fear:

  • do it scared – I stole this outright from Joyce Meyer; ¬†she’s uber cool!
  • face the fear a little bit at a time rather than to look at the whole thing
  • consider that the devil uses fear to control us & that God created us from the very beginning to have authority, dominion & power
  • catch fear in the early stage so it doesn’t go stupid
  • choose to trust God & reject fear – yes to trust and no to fear
  • keep trying – failing is more like practice if we take out the fear ingredient
  • remember that 1 John says that perfect love casts out fear!

Feel free to add your own advice & pass this along to your fam & friends! ūüėÄ

Fear: friend or foe?

Fear is interesting – in the right amounts & toward the right things, it can be really beneficial. On the other hand, fear with the wrong amounts & directed toward the wrong things can be thoroughly toxic & destructive.
Consider this: fear can immunize us from disrespect & irreverence. Fear can keep us from doing dumb things & the Bible speaks of a boat load of benefits from having a fear, respect & reverence for God.

On the negative scale, fear can hinder us from some amazing experiences, adventures & accomplishments. It can also keep us from learning some important lessons. Fear can keep us trapped in the past & cripple us from moving forward. Fear can suffocate healthy relationships & even debilitate constructive growth.
So here’s my conclusion: I don’t want to be afraid of life but I do want to have a healthy reverence for the Creator of life – love life & honor it’s Creator.

the problem with fear

Ok, here’s something to think about for our daily living:¬†fear wears lots of disguises, attempting to influence us more than Jesus.¬† Indeed, I’ve met people whose lives are unknowingly¬†controlled by fear & this is heart breaking.¬† Fear masquerades as safety, cooperation, tolerance & many other guises.¬† I think that if fear were removed from some people’s lives¬†they would fall apart because its the essential beacon by which they make their decisions,¬†form their relationships and control their conversations.¬† They’ve become so comfortable with fear that its the glue that holds their life together.¬† The problem is that fear hates to be exposed¬†because once its¬†brought to the light, its¬†weakness is revealed & power diffused.

Consider Saul in 1 Sam 15. From God’s command, he was supposed to entirely obliterate the Amalekites¬†but he didn’t do this.¬† Instead he waffled on his obedience & when Samuel confronted Saul & pressed the issue, Saul finally admitted, “I have sinned; I have indeed transgressed the command of the LORD and your words, because I feared the people and listened to their voice.”¬† From this point on, God rejected Saul.¬† Saul chose fear over obedience – God help us to avoid this trap.¬† May we forever remain friends with God & enemies with fear.¬† Let’s never be more comfortable with fear than we are comfortable with God.