fellowship with Jesus

I’m pretty turned on with Jesus – He makes my heart palpitate & captivates my attention.  I love to have fellowship with Him, be around Him, recognize His work, listen for His whispers, think about His preferences . . . .  I’m simply & happily absorbed by Him.

But here’s the fun part of my relationship with Jesus – it takes place not only in my quiet & private prayer time with Him, but I’m experiencing & aware of Him, more and more, throughout my day.  This is interesting because my days have such tremendous diversity.  On any given day, I might be studying for a sermon, cooking some experimental dish, trying to settle a conflict (among my kids, in a misunderstanding at work, . . . . ), trying to develop my video editing skills, talking about helping starving babies in Angola, getting on a plane to go minister somewhere, getting makeup put on for TV taping, wearing an orange safety vest for my crossing guard fun, . . . . . . .  What I’m finding to be so magnificent is that I get to experience & interact with Jesus in all of these contexts & even more.  I used to get frustrated about my relationship with Jesus because it seemed very limited & one dimensional – almost like I couldn’t seem to export Him from my prayer time into the daily living.

Of late, I haven’t had this struggle.  I’m sensing Jesus throughout my days & the fellowship with Him is rich beyond description.  Please check out Psalms 25 & consider reading it slowly, with some reflection 🙂

back to school

Tonight was back to school night so it was fun to re-connect w many of the really cool parents where our kids go to school.  I also got to help w traffic – translation: crossing guard.  It felt good to get back in the groove. 🙂  I also found out who will be the teachers for Isabell & David – that’s pretty cool because we’ve been praying for these teachers almost everyday this summer.  I’m excited for David & Bell because I can see them growing, becoming more confident & its really cool to see them learn – amazing!  Benji starts Jr Kindergarten a week from Mon & I’m also really excited for him – the next step in his growth. 

Time is never still. It marches on regardless of our opinions, desires or events.  My kids are getting bigger & while I’m happy to see them develop, I also wish they’d go slower.  I’m in a strange juxtaposition, but regardless of any quandry, I really love my kids.  They take my breath away.