I read an interesting selection from  Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  She had some great insights about relationships and how they can sometimes be like the ocean, with both high & low tides.  In her writing, she talks about how we often want to cling to a relationship & how it felt in the past or how we sometimes look forward to the future of a relationship – both engaging activities.  If we aren’t careful, however, we can let the past or the future sabotage the now in any relationship, including our walk with God.  With that being said, sometimes we don’t like the now because it could be kind of like a “low tide” season, but Mrs Lindbergh helps me to see & appreciate that all the stages in a relationship are valid & valuable – high tide, medium tide & low tide.  In my mind, the most important thing of all is to remain faithful to God no matter what’s happening or not in our various human relationships 🙂

Empty pursuits

When I was little, I was briefly mesmorized by cotton candy.  It looked so alluring, fluffy and it seemed to have an ethereal and tasty substance.  I remember the first time that I tried it – I was totally disappointed.  When the sugar rapidly evaporated as I put it in my mouth, I remember trying to find the substance of that big frothy and fluffy cotton ball  only to be disappointed by its disappearance and I thought, “What a rip off!”  It left a sweet taste in my mouth but no substance.

Anything we pursue that is not ultimately God will be like my cotton candy experience – tantalizing, alluring, fluffy and seemingly substantial, but ultimately empty, vacuous, disappointing, void and vain.  I like what CS Lewis said:  Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.  Aim at earth and you will get neither.”  Let’s be mindful of our pursuits, watching how we spend our time, energy and money 🙂


empty versus full

I’ve been thinking alot about what it means to be filled w the Holy Spirit & here’s some real gut-level honesty:  there are times when i feel “empty”.  I’ve been chatting w God about this, particularly in relation to what He says in Eph 1:23 – Jesus fills all things (in the context of “church”) in every way.  With this verse, the truth says that He fills all things, including me, in every way.  So if this is true, then why do i sometimes feel “empty”? 

milkHere’s what I sense Him saying to me:  if you fill up a glass w milk, you can see, feel & taste the milk.  If you empty the milk out of the glass, its not empty, but rather filled w something other than milk – air.  The glass isn’t empty, when there’s no milk, but to our senses, it is empty.  I think in a similar way, when Jesus lives in our heart, we’re never truly empty, but we are filled in a way that isn’t always flesh aware.  So with Jesus in my heart and as His student, i want to learn Him, interact w Him & become sensitized to Him.  I’m not nearly as empty as i may feel, from time to time  🙂

Something for you to ponder  🙂