stupid mistakes

I recently used a parking meter for an appt that I was in and I skimped on the meter.  Sure enough, my meeting went longer than I expected & voila, I found the ever lovely parking ticket on my windshield.  As I looked at the ticket, I figured out that if I would have added 50cents to the meter, I could have avoided the $25 ticket.  I hate making these kinds of mistakes – where I try to skimp with time or money & wind up spending more;  hate those kinds of mistakes.

So to get the most out of this experience, here are my learning points that might be helpful to you as well:

  • margin – give yourself some cushion so that you don’t spend more time & money than is necessary
  • grace – berating yourself for mistakes is wasted emotional energy;  learn the lesson & move on
  • change – repeating the same errors is stupid;  learning & changing is smart 🙂

try something new!

I have a really cool friend from Cambodia who is visiting us for the weekend & of course when he’s visiting we get a nice & small snow storm. I took a walk w him while it was snowing & he was in awe of the snow (not much snow in Cambodia). I loved watching his awe & excitement of experiencing something totally new!!
Sometimes I think we miss some really cool things that God has because we resist trying new things. We often get into ruts & comfort zones but let’s be careful not to let our comfort zones be more important than experiencing new things that God has for us. We are in a new year & I believe God wants to show us new things throughout this year! Let’s be open for new things from God 😀

pervasive love

  I had a really cool conversation with a friend last night & we were talking about having a deep & close walk with God.  As we were talking, I was thinking about the immensity of God’s love for us.  Sometimes I think we have a hard time recognizing God’s love for us because we are accustomed to experiencing human love, which has lots of flaws, shortcomings & distortions.  I think that God’s love for us is of such infinite, pure & outrageous quality that we often neglect to observe & certainly experience His love because we are so used to the human distorted love that is commonly expressed in our world. 

Most certainly God does express His love to us through various relationships we have, but we must be careful not the confuse the person for the Source.  God is perfect love & He loves us perfectly even though we are unable to comprehend His love.  Perhaps part of why we sometimes struggle with God’s love is because we try to understand it with our mind rather than also letting ourselves experience His love with our hearts.  And one of the most grand adventures that I have experienced so far, is letting God love others through me – now that’s better than snowboarding, paragliding in China, watching nests of flying fish in Africa or anything else 🙂

a constructive habit

We had a friend come over for dinner a few nights ago & we had a totally great time catching up.  My youngest son had a discussion w my friend about the difficulty of breaking a bad habit (an interesting dialogue from the viewpoint of a 6 year old).  They both readily agreed that bad habits are a pain in the neck to try & break – so best to avoid making bad habits altogether.

Here’s a good habit to cultive:  watching for Jesus.  I find that when I get myself into the groove of looking for Jesus, He pops up in some very unexpected places:

  • the Chicago airport last week – I watched the faces of the river of diverse people walking through the hallway & saw beyond the diversity to the individual beauty that each person has & I found myself in complete awe of God, His love and His infinite capacity to express beauty in flawed humanity
  • I sense some of Jesus’ love for me through my kids – my kids know me extremely well & I’m astounded at their love for me; 
  • contrasts:  I find it interesting how Jesus will take a situation that is hurtful to me & how He will use the situation to expose a deeper reality of who He is in my life
  • miscellaneous exchanges with people – I get touched with how seemingly superficial conversations can reveal a deep need for Jesus in a person’s heart

I want my life to be about looking for Jesus – because what I look for is what I find.  He is the treasure that I seek.