Welcome to Calcutta :)

We’ve been now in Calcutta for about 12 hours & we are still in the jet lag time warp. Thankfully, we were able to take a few hours to go outside & get some fresh air & nice sunlight 🙂
Here are some interesting thoughts so far:
*Calcutta has 17million people & it used to be the capital of India under the British leadership
*there are over 2billion people in India & statisticians estimate that India’s population will exceed the population of China by 2020
*if I understood correctly, ultrasounds are illegal for pregnant women to cut down on the abortion of girl babies.
*the love of Jesus is expressed in lots of different ways – to the benefit of the one receiving love
Loving people w Jesus’ love is very transformational not only to the person who receives His love but also through whom Jesus is expressing His love. Just something I’m thinking about.
Here’s a really cool pic for a little flavor 🙂