love, love and more love :D

I was talking with a friend yesterday & we were talking about our husbands & kids with their different love languages.  I found it helpful to remember to express love to others based on what is meaningful love to them and not just the kind of love that I like.  With this in mind, I decided to do a brief summary of Gary Chapman’s love languages here that you might find helpful.  We all have different ways in which we easily receive or feel that we are loved (we tend to give the kind of love that we want to receive).  With this in mind, here are the love languages that Gary presents:

  • gifts:  the person with this love language likes to receive gifts & when someone gives them something, it is super powerful & meaningful to them
  • quality time:  the person with this love language likes to be with a person they love be that in quality conversation, activities (sports, hiking, shopping), etc
  • acts of service:  the person with this love language likes to do nice things for the people they love (run errands, clean, help with their kids, get fuel, etc)
  • touch:  the person with this love language likes to touch, snuggle, hold hands, . . .
  • words of affirmation:  the person with this love language likes to give / receive encouragement, affirmation, atta boy, etc

Clearly, this is nothing more than a brief summary, but hopefully it helps us to love with greater authenticity & with less manipulation 🙂

pervasive love

  I had a really cool conversation with a friend last night & we were talking about having a deep & close walk with God.  As we were talking, I was thinking about the immensity of God’s love for us.  Sometimes I think we have a hard time recognizing God’s love for us because we are accustomed to experiencing human love, which has lots of flaws, shortcomings & distortions.  I think that God’s love for us is of such infinite, pure & outrageous quality that we often neglect to observe & certainly experience His love because we are so used to the human distorted love that is commonly expressed in our world. 

Most certainly God does express His love to us through various relationships we have, but we must be careful not the confuse the person for the Source.  God is perfect love & He loves us perfectly even though we are unable to comprehend His love.  Perhaps part of why we sometimes struggle with God’s love is because we try to understand it with our mind rather than also letting ourselves experience His love with our hearts.  And one of the most grand adventures that I have experienced so far, is letting God love others through me – now that’s better than snowboarding, paragliding in China, watching nests of flying fish in Africa or anything else 🙂