Traveling lots

Sometimes when I travel I feel like I’m in perpetual motion & I just want to pause for some stillness. I’m really feeling like this now: in April, I was in Angola, May was China, June was South Sudan & July has been Cambodia. While this is lots of travel, I’m really grateful to God for such amazing opportunities & experiences to express genuine love. And when I’m home, I want to continue to get better & better at giving genuine love with less Sarah & more Jesus. Anyone eager to join this adventure with me?


I have lots of people in my life who are great at planning.  They know dates, expectations, schedules and how things are supposed to happen.  They educate themselves, assemble the resources that will be used and do all kinds of preparation, thinking and planning.  I’m really grateful for these people because these kinds of things can be kind of tricky for me.  For example, I’m grateful that my husband frequently asks me when I make international with Saving Moses trips if I have cash with me for traveling because I can forget important things for concentrating on not forgetting my coffee supplies ,)

Here’s my saving grace, it’s been my experience that The Holy Spirit, Whom I call The Helper, is my Great Planner – seems to go along with how God organized & planned the world in Gen 1.  This gives me great confidence that God is planning my life and Helping me along each step of the way – and for you as well!! 😀


black Friday

I’m confessing right up front that I’m not the sharpest knife in the door & sometimes things that are obvious to everyone else can be really opaque for me.  With that being said, why do we call Good Friday, “Good” & Black Friday “Black”?  It would seem to me that Good Friday is more black than good & that Black Friday is more good than black (good because we often get a day off of school & work).  Now that you could possibly be super confused, let’s simplify this whole conundrum.  Let’s be thankful that each & every day is a gift from God – this is the day that the Lord has made so I will rejoice & be thankful 🙂

Today is a good day because we have another chance to grow in our awareness of Jesus being present with us in our daily living.  So with this in mind, you could call today black, orange, green, pink, blue, yellow or even mauve – whatever you chose, may your day be filled with “God awareness” – aha moments that spring up for you throughout this day!! 😀

thank you so much!

Wow!!  I can’t begin to thank everyone for their kind words, support & care after my blog about my dad’s death.  We’ve had such great encouragement, affirming words and love – way beyond my ability to express gratitude.  Thank you again and again!!  While this is a bit of a rough season, it’s also really wonderful to sense Jesus’ love through so many different people and so many different ways.  Thanks loads for letting Jesus use you to bring comfort and care to our family. 

May God reach into your life, open your eyes and increase your sensitivity to the immense and infinite love that God has for you.  Again, thanks so much!!

Grateful reverses Grumbling

I was reading about how the Israelites were rather grumbly when they were delivered from slavery. They grumbled about being stuck at the Red Sea, they grumbled about not having water, they gem led about not having food & it seems like they grumbled about Moses. Truthfully, I’m not so sure that I would have been less grumbly if I’d been in their sandals ,)
But here’s a few challenge points:
*I think that being grateful can be more helpful than being grumbly
*being grumbly or being grateful seems to create more of themselves (when I grumble, I can easily grumble more & it’s the same for me w gratitude)
*gratitude is a specific way to worship & give praise to God
*gratitude has better effects on my thinking & emotions than being grumbly
*gratitude positions my focus out & up rather than in & down
Let’s be grateful!!

what I liked about this day

From time to time, I think its a healthy exercise to think about all the good things in a day – keeps me thankful, hopeful & positive (all good things to have / be).  So here are some things:

  • coming in to wake up Isabell & seeing her sprawled like she used to sleep as a baby
  • Reece making the kids’ breakfast & lunch (he does this almost everyday and its wonderful!)
  • getting to do traffic today at the kids’ school (aka crossing guard).  I did the cross walk so I get to say “hi” to lots of friends and people.  🙂
  • thinking about Jesus’ words about forgiveness after the Lord’s Prayer in Matt 6 – He’s a big forgiveness promoter.  Gee, I wonder why?!?!?
  • a GREAT parent / teacher conference w 1 of Benji’s teachers – he’s brilliant and she thinks so too.  Its so pleasant when we all agree  😉
  • reading the Cat in the Hat to Benji
  • having pho, eggrolls & avacadoe boba for lunch w a friend (how do you spell avacadoe?)
  • having some solitude & quiet to myself this afternoon at the house – an extremely RARE treat!
  • walking to pick up and walk home w David & Bell – great conversations & hang out time together
  • making a healthy dinner for my family & having a great family time together
  • bedtimes – see nice to read, snuggle, cuddle and be
  • Reece is going skiing tomorrow.  He bought a helmet & he keeps asking me these questions about how its supposed to fit – my clueless answers are only seeming to make him ask more questions to which I know not the answers.  I’m very HAPPY he’s wearing a helmet now.  No details necessary.  🙂