An update on nightcare :)

Hey friends!! I’m super excited about w nightcare!! For more than a year, God has put the idea of nightcare (in a safe & loving environment, taking care of the infants & toddlers of prostitutes while they work) in my heart. This has been an incredible dream & adventure in my heart because of Jesus’ words that say, “when you do this to the least of these, you do it into Me.” These words ring in my ears when I think about the infants of prostitutes being “the least of these”.
So for more than a year, I’ve been working to launch our 1st nightcare w
Finally, we are now up & running in Cambodia since the beginning of this week & each night, we’ve had a few more babies than the preceding night. We are starting small, building trust w the moms & getting to genuinely love the “least of these”. It’s going SUPER WELL!!!!
I’m returning to Cambodia in July so I’ll be able to share about our progress with more depth then, but I couldn’t wait until then to share this exciting news!!!!!

what is nightcare?

You may have heard me mention this term, “nightcare” and perhaps you’re curious to know what this is and why is it important.  Because of my work with Saving Moses I came across a need for infants and toddlers that completely blew me away.  I’ve discovered that it is very common for prostitutes and sex workers to bring their infants and toddlers to work with them or leave them abandoned at home because they have no other options available to them.  I’ve even seen a toddler chained to his mom’s bed & heard that these toddlers and infants are even drugged or sedated during the time that mom is working so they won’t interrupt the income that their mom is earning.  When I heard of this, I was totally overwhelmed and began to think of possible ways that Saving Moses could help, specifically with these infants & toddlers because they are the sole focus for the mission and vision of Saving Moses.  I felt like God dropped a plan into my heart for the idea of “nightcare” – a safe place with nurture, love and support for infants and toddlers of sex workers to stay while their mom works (kind of like the US equivalent of “daycare”, but just at night).

So with this in mind, over the last year, we’ve been working diligently to implement “nightcare” and I’m elated to announce that we will be opening our first nightcare shelter next week!  To get a brief perspective on this need, please check out this video:  nightcare

Welcome to Angola!

Today we are going back to the malnutrition clinic where we spent alot of time last year. This is the same clinic where we got to know Belito & they told me that we can visit him again this year so I’m looking forward to checking in w him & seeing how’s he’s doing! I’m also a little introspective because I have a little bit of a sense of some of the infants we will get to meet today along w their moms hopefully.
With this trip, I want to be fully present & I want to lavishly love no matter what shape the person is in.
But presently I’m a bit challenged to be loving bc my sleep last night was almost non-existent due to the night long street disco party & our early departure, coupled w the last 3 days of travel. So truthfully, I’m finding myself in the “just keep swimming” mode, as Dori would say in “Finding Nemo”. Just keep swimming, Sarah 🙂

Saving Moses is making headway :)

Today has been an extremely interesting day for saving Moses. This morning I had the great privilege of getting to minister to more than a hundred women with their small babies & kids about Jesus’ great love for them. These women form some of the group that saving Moses has been helping for almost 2 years in the way of some emergency medical care w pregnancies, formula for infants & help w some prenatal vitamins. It was extremely rewarding to get to be with these women & connect w their children.
Additionally, I was able to meet an amazing mom with a newborn. This mom had been a prostitute for more than a year, but she became pregnant by her boyfriend who had taken her out of prostitution. After she was pregnant for 7months, her boyfriend kicked her out of the house & she now lives w her 5week old baby in a slum. She doesnt want to return to prostitution, but she is struggling to find a job & care for her newborn, w no family support. Her story is deeply touching to me bc it is the epitome of what is happening to thousands of girls.
If you’ve been keeping up with our efforts to bring nightcare for the infants of prostitutes, we are starting to make some progress on that area. We had a potentially really fruitful conversation today & we’ll discuss this idea tomorrow w another organization, so maybe we will get to launch 2 nightcare faculties & not just one 🙂
Wouldn’t that be UBER COOL?!?!
so thank loads for all the prayers & please keep praying for us to have favor, wisdom & strategic appointments 🙂
Thanks much!!!