two important goals

There are two goals that I want to pursue in life:

GOAL 1:  I want to love God.  Growing up in a Christian home, I’ve found that the only motivation that can keep me connected to God in a healthy way is love – to let myself experience His love for me and then respond to Him with love.  Love is a topic of immense proportions and various intrepretations.  But I believe that the only genuine love that we can know is Who God is – He is love.  Along this line, I cannot love God, if I do not love the people around me.  I believe that loving others is giving God the freedom to express Himself through me and this is one of the ways that I can love God.  Loving God keeps my motives right.

GOAL2:  I want to know God.  This is indeed a lofty goal, similar to my 1st goal.  How can a finite know The Infinite?  Nevertheless, there are many occassions and verses in the Bible about knowing God – who He is, how He moves, what His values & priorities are, different ways He communicates, . . . . .  I believe that God wants to make Himself known to us and each day gives us a fresh opportunity to learn more about who God is – Incarnate in a finite world.  The most grounded way to know God is through His Word and knowing God through His Word keeps my doctrine immunized from heresy 🙂

So join me in this adventure of knowing and loving God in the contexts of our daily living.

knowing God

knotI’ve been thinking alot about knowing God.  Some of my favorite verses on this objective are: Philip 3:6-10 & Jer 29:11.  I particularly like Jer 29:11 because it simplifies what’s important to achieve in life to one thing – knowing God.  In this journey of knowing God (actually, I honestly think that He pursues us more ardently than we could ever imagine), there are a few things that I’ve realized to be helpful while travelling:

*God is Triune:  God expresses Himself differently as God our Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit.  Knowing God is more than knowing information about Him.  Its relationship development in the fullest sense of the words.  I also believe that knowing God takes Him opening our eyes to His work & Him opening our ears to His voice & lastly Him sensitizing our heart to His presence.  Knowing God exceeds a mere cerebral exercise.

*Platforms / Contexts:  there are alot of platforms / contexts in our lives through which God expresses Himself, if we cooperate w His efforts. Some of these platforms / contexts include:  family, work, kids, friends, mate, etc.  What I’ve sensed God saying of late about these platforms is that they can be used by Him in my life to help me know Him better if I keep the right perspective.  More than that, He said that He will help me with that perspective thing because He wants me to know Him even more than I want to know Him.  How completely enchanting!!!