Stormie Omartian & Choose Love

I recently received some copies of Stormie Omartians new book, “Choose Love” and I’ve been keen to give it a read since Stormie has been such an iconic writer with her books on the power of prayer.  Furthermore, on a very personal level, God has really been dealing in my heart about genuine love for more than a year so the topic seemed to be right in the groove of some work that God’s been doing in me.

In “Choose Love”, I like that Stormie breaks down her book into three main ideas and then does some interesting exploring in each of these three main ideas.  I also appreciate that she endeavors to ground the reader in God’s love for them in various ways throughout the book.  She provides some very helpful insights about God’s love through many personal examples and of course I’m super happy to see that she has included Bible verses throughout the book!  The book is very polished and I’m sure will help many people connect with God’s love in a deeper way.


From time to time, I think it’s important to do some assessment & personal inventory. We tend to do these kinds of exercises at the end of the year in anticipation of some possible New Years resolutions that we might consider. But I think that doing an occasional personal assessment is really healthy. So here are some questions & things to consider:
*What are 3-5 things that would be my top essentials?
*What are the consistent inputs that I have in my life? What do I watch, read, listen to, friend conversations, etc?
*Are these inputs what I need to constructively support the 3-5 essentials that I identified above?
*What top 3 areas in my life need more work, attention & help?
*Am I doing things that I could eliminate?
*Most importantly, how does my daily living align with my personal relationship w God? What adjustments do I need to make?