growing #3: enough

Enough is an interesting word.  It makes me think of other words like, full, satisfied, adequate and others.  I’ve been thinking about this word in many different ways – one of them related to rhubarb 🙂  You see, when I was growing up, we had a few rhubarb plants & my mom would make these really tasty rhubarb desserts.  So over the last 5 years, I’ve tried to remember to buy some rhubarb plants to plant in the Spring.  I’ve failed because I always remembered too late & the stores were all out of rhubarb plants.  But this year is different 🙂  I bought a few plants over the Easter weekend & I’m really excited to plant them – now I’m just trying to figure out where.  I want to make sure that I get them in a place with enough sunlight – enough being the operative word.

Of late, the word “enough” has been interrupting all kinds of thoughts – making me think that I don’t have “enough.”  Maybe you’re like me & perhaps you wish you had more time, more energy, more wisdom, more money, more sleep, more sun, more friends, more help, more love, more rhubarb ,)  more patience, more . . . . . just plain more.  God & I have been chatting about this dilemma – maybe I would be more accurate to say that we’ve been wrestling about this topic.

So its interesting to note that yesterday in my Bible time I read Ps 107:9, “He satisfies the hungry and fills the hungry with good things.”  Furthermore, I’ve been studying about God’s grace this morning & He tells me that His grace is “enough”.  Perhaps my challenge is that I’m looking to my own resources more than looking to God as my provider.  When I see God as my provider, then I can trust that whatever He gives me is “enough.”  But when I get my focus off of God & onto myself or something else, then I easily fall into the lack trap – never enough.

Ever struggle with keeping your focus on God?  What are some things that you’ve found helpful in keeping your focus centered on God?  Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

just for fun

my grandma was an extraordinary cook – she could whip up the best fried chix in the world & her pies were borderline sinful 😉

To honor her, i thought i’d post one of my favorite things she cooked:  rhubarb torte. Pls understand that this recipe doesn’t attempt, in any way, to be healthy so be forewarned that its just plain fattening & totally DELICIOUS!!  That being said, here you go:

preheat oven to 325

crust:  mix everything below into a crumbly state & toast in oven for about 20-30 min

1cup flour, 2 Tbsp sugar, dash salt & 1/2cup butter


filling:  cook over medium heat until thick (about 15-20min)

1.5cups sugar, 3 Tbspn flour, 3 egg yolks beatn, 1/3cup cream or half-and-half, 2.25cup chopped rhubarb


meringue:  whip w electric blender until stiff peaks

3 egg whites, 6 Tspn sugar


Spread filling over crust, top w meringue, brown, cool & serve.  Enjoy!