It’s easier to make money than time – indeed, one could argue that we can’t make time.  So how we use the time that we have can be a direct reflection of our values & priorities.  We all spend time doing the normal things of life:  school / work, family interactions & investments, friendships, working out, reading, etc.  Some of the things in our life are mandatory time demands & other things are discretionary time demands.

In relation to the discretionary time demands, I’ve watched many families over the years fill up their time with sports, activities, etc & every so often, they seem a little frazzled.  Now please don’t jump to the conclusion that I’m opposed to sports, activities etc.  We have our kids in several different things over the course of a given year.  But I think we have to be careful to make decisions with our time that reflect our values & priorities.  For example, my husband & I don’t see our oldest son being an NFL recruited football player.  As such, we have him in flag football over this Summer, but its primarily for the purpose of getting him some exercise & increasing his sports exposure.  My point is that its important for each of us to use our time as a reflection of our priorities & not allow it to be frittered away into oblivion.

I want to give my time to the most important priorities in my life & may God help me to make decisions with how I use my time in ways that are pleasing to Him.

my brain & a typhoon

I’ve been sitting here thinking about this day & reflecting about why my brain doesn’t seem very perky.  As I think about this, it causes me to consider what happened today:

  • stresser concern about Benji coughing (he woke up at 1130pm last night coughing, so I slept w him until about 2am)
  • kids getting to school late
  • tv taping – VERY important day & trying to get it done well & be helpful to people
  • work stresses
  • remembered a phone call i’ve needed to make for the past week  😦
  • crossing guard – probably the smoothest part of my day
  • my brother-in-law letting me know he’s coming for dinner when I was planning to have pizza rolls for the kids & leftovers for Reece – yikes!
  • Senate meeting for Bell & David’s school – very smart people i get to hang out w
  • lots of thinking, trying to understand & feeling kind of stupid (although generally keeping my mouth shut in an endeavor to look intelligent)

So, this day has been typhoon-ish.  I would like tomorrow be calm-ish.  That would be a nice counter-point.  The interesting thing about this day, however, is that God really spoke w me before the day ever got really moving that He uses all things for good to those who love Him & are called according to His purposes (Rom 8:28).  My conclusion from the entirety of this day is to keep loving God & He works it all out.  The End

back to school

Tonight was back to school night so it was fun to re-connect w many of the really cool parents where our kids go to school.  I also got to help w traffic – translation: crossing guard.  It felt good to get back in the groove. 🙂  I also found out who will be the teachers for Isabell & David – that’s pretty cool because we’ve been praying for these teachers almost everyday this summer.  I’m excited for David & Bell because I can see them growing, becoming more confident & its really cool to see them learn – amazing!  Benji starts Jr Kindergarten a week from Mon & I’m also really excited for him – the next step in his growth. 

Time is never still. It marches on regardless of our opinions, desires or events.  My kids are getting bigger & while I’m happy to see them develop, I also wish they’d go slower.  I’m in a strange juxtaposition, but regardless of any quandry, I really love my kids.  They take my breath away.