Stay calm

My dad had all kinds of insightful one-liners. He used to say, “Sarah, you have to pick your nervous breakdowns” meaning that I needed to be selective about what I would get upset about. I’ve found this to be super helpful. Just now, I ordered a whopper with extra pickles & the cashier thought I said no pickles – easy fix that doesn’t need a level 10 melt down. Another area is when I’m running late for an appt, I find myself getting stressed out. So I talk to myself & ask if getting upset is going to add value to the problem of being late – usually not. Lets get upset about things that are important 🙂
Like my dad says, “you gotta pick your nervous breakdowns” ,)

Like everything

There are things about ourselves & others that we like & dislike. For example, I like that I am generally pretty good at Int’l travel, but I don’t like that I can be dingy & forget stuff (the list of things I’ve forgotten is too long for this blog).
But here’s something important to me: I want to like everything about Jesus! I want to like His mysteries, I want to like the ways that He loves people, I want to like that He teaches & helps me to grow. I want to like that He corrects & disciplines me. I want to like His power. I want to like His faithfulness & how steadfast He is.
I want to like everything about Jesus & not just the parts that are appealing or useful to me 🙂